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Classic Club Tracks


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one FAQ is about classic club tracks. Here goes...

I have been asked by several people about tracks I still play after all these years. So instead of mailing the list to each individual, I decided to place them here:

Harddrive-Deep Inside
Classic house anthem from 1993. It's a hot underground goodie that can really start a crowd.

Aphrohead-In The Dark We Live
Really early track from 1994. It's got this metallic sound that's still being sampled today.

Donna Summer-Hot Stuff/ Bad Girls Remix
Yeah its cheesy disco, but it works.

MaryJane Girls- In My House
Straight out of the 80's, a perfect AM track to bring the crowd back on its feet.

Lil Louis And The World- Blackout!
from 1989. It's early Lil Louis and it's great to sample. I play it religiously. That and early track Club Lonely. Also a crowd pleaser.

Joey Beltram-Energy Flash
This is THE TRACK. It is a must own. This is the earliest techno track I can remember.

Jaydee-Plastic Dreams
A real wild track that is sure to turn your crowd on!

Sweet Pussy Pauline-Work this Pussy
OK. So it doesn't have the best title. I remember this track back in 1992 when I was going to the now defunct Sound Factory. It's a hot track that is real old skool. A must have

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