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Kickin' Back Old Skool


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My Obsession With Old Skool Hip Hop And Reggae

The mighty Grandmaster Flash at work here:


Being from the streets of NYC and growing up in Brooklyn, NY, I am a big fan of old hip hop and reggae. But it wasn't until I was older and could appreciate it more until I heard Grandmaster Flash on the radio. Since then, I try to score as much old hip hop and reggae as I could possibly find (as well as some great breakbeat). So here is a list of some must own stuff:
Wu Tang Clan- Method Man
Funkdoobiest- Rock On
Onyx- Slam
Granmaster Flash- The Message
Musical Youth- Pass The Dutchie
A Tribe Called Quest- Scenario
Junior M.A.F.I.A- Gettin' Money (not really old, but I really like the song)
Beenie Man- Who Am I?
Public Enemy- 911 Is A Joke
Sugar Hill Gang- Rapper's Delight
Chaka Demus & Pliers- Murder She Wrote
LL Cool J- Rock The Bells
Run DMC- Run's House
Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock- It Takes 2
House Of Pain- Jump Around
Naughty By Nature- O.P.P.

If you want some really hot old Breakbeat records to sample, I've got some really good ones here for you:
The Clash- This Is Radio Clash
Malcom McLaren- Buffalo Girls
Freeze- I.O.U.
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam- I Wonder If I Take You Home
Beastie Boys- Cookie Puss
C-Tank- One More Shot
Raze- Break 4 Love
MARRS- Pump Up The Volume
(Although a couple of these are not true breakbeat, the dub/instrumental versions provide great loops to sample.)

This list is for the true hip hop fan who wants some old skool flava. This list should help. Some of these are hard to come by, so search the net to see what you can find.